Living through weal and woe

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  • In many regions of Myanmar, different indigenous people have been living in peace and with unity. This has always been a matter of pride for the country and added to its dignity.
    This unity in diversity is Myanmar’s strength, and it bolsters our hopes of building a federal democratic Union.
    The unity of ethnic peoples with diverse languages and faiths in our country shows that the country has good prospects for building a federal democratic Union.
    To achieve this goal, the right attitude and a burning desire in the individual citizens of our country is necessary. We should bear in mind that hope alone cannot produce outcomes without the right diligence.
    It is regrettable to see that our country is far from achieving peace and lags in development as a consequence of armed conflicts. Peace across the nation is the wish of all our people.
    Myanmar has suffered the consequences of internal armed conflicts for several decades and we have not yet seen a period of total peace in our country since gaining independence more than 70 years ago. The task of putting out the fire of internal armed conflicts has fallen on the shoulders of today’s generation, and we should try not to burden the next generation with it.
    Only when the country has total peace can it be developed. Only when the country is developed can each citizen enjoy the fruits of development. Building individual wealth while the country is in the grip of poverty is not a matter of pride. In fact, it is a thing to be ashamed of.
    We must all live through weal and woes in life. We must share the fruits of development. We must face and overcome the challenges in our life. Inculcating this spirit across the country can help us build a federal democratic Union.
    All the people of the country must work hard to achieve this goal as soon as possible and must make a commitment to ensure peace takes root.
    Questions have been raised in some quarters on whether the current peace process would meet with success given that previous attempts failed to bring complete peace and we are facing challenges in the current dialogue.
    We are confident that if diverse indigenous people can live in peace in many parts of the country, we can build a federal democratic Union.
    We strongly believe that only democracy, equality, and self-determination can bring about a genuine federal democratic Union.
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