Make Every Child Count

By Aye Phyu

*    Our children in this world
Black, white, yellow and all
Vulnerable as little flowers
Easy to blossom or to wither
*    Starting from pregnancy,
Mother and child healthy
Through safe motherhood program and care
No synergies and nothing be spared.
*    Children of all ages
Makers of new pages
In history of nations and the world
Should live, grow and on their feet, stand tall.
*    To give them a good start
Immunize they all must
Health and nutrition program added
From possible dangers, we protect.
*    Their early childhood years
Things that they see and hear
Most get ingrained in their little heads
Call for a healthy environment.
*    Parents plus all teachers
At preschools and day-care centers
Quality care and education
Fundamental life skills be given.
*    The rich and the poor
The have and the have-nots,
Join hands to create a better life
For all the children to thrive.

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