Martyrs’ Day lessons: No more stooges

Leadership is generally defined as an art of inspiring people to realize a particular development goal in an effective and efficient way. This highlights that a good leader is all that matters most to a developing country like Myanmar.
In this competitive world, especially in this age of globalization, our country is in urgent need of good and gifted leaders with the calibre somewhat comparable to that of the murdered martyrs.
On 19 July 68 years ago, the people from all walks of life were saddened and shocked by the news that General Aung San and eight others had been assassinated by a gang of armed thugs. The fateful event has since caused the country to suffer a vicious spiral of unstable politics and sluggish economy.
The motive behind the assassination was allegedly due to the colonialists coveting the country’s great wealth of natural resources and certain stooges wanting to seize power through unscrupulous methods.
Just as a happy ending never follows a negative action, the conspirators had to be under sentence of death. Worse, their dirty acts did shed a shadow of shame on their families for some years.
The important thing for all of us is to discourage such an atrocity from happening again by nipping such a plot in the bud. Yet, the best we can hope for is no more stooges that would deprive our country of good and capable

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