Masks to be produced in Hlinethaya, Shwepyitha industrial zones


An arrangement is underway to produce Covid-19 protective masks in Hlinethaya and Shwepyitha industrial zones at a price affordable for all people.
The masks will be manufactured in Hlinethaya and Shwepyitha with an additional aim to create job opportunities for the workers from the garment factories who lost their jobs because of the short supply of raw materials.
The dual purpose of manufacturing of the masks will be made known to the public through the media.
Previously, the masks were manufactured from the Shwepyitha industrial zone. The raw materials are now scarce because of the outbreak of Covid-19, and so, the masks and PPE suits are entering via borders at extremely high prices.
To be able to manufacture the masks domestically, the insecticide cotton rolls have to be imported. With the arrival of the cotton rolls, the masks will be produced in Myanmar with the necessary equipment and supplies ordered from
Yangon region chief minister has already told business persons of the industrial zones to produce the masks in Shwepyitha industrial zone-1 for the public to be able to use the masks cheaper, according to the Shwepyitha industrial zone-1.
Previously, a mask cost around K150, but now the price has risen up to K1,000 per piece in the market. The price will fall if enough masks can be produced domestically.
This arrangement is intended to substitute the imported masks with the domestically produced ones at a time when the import is unavailable.
Currently, two more people have died in Myanmar after contracting Coronavirus, bringing the number of total deaths to three, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports. The country has reported that 22 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed as of today.
There are more than 1.4 million confirmed infections worldwide and more than 82,100 deaths, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). —Aye Maung (Translated by Hay Mar)

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