May Day brings global awareness to workers plight

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[dropcap font=”0″]M[/dropcap]ay Day, also known as Worker’s Day or Labour Day, is celebrated on 1 May every year with the aim of promoting and encouraging labour organizations across the world.
The day has an interesting story behind it. In the late 19th century, workers often toiled in unsafe environments more than 10 hours a day, prompting a labour movement to swing into action and demand an eight-hour working day alongside better working conditions.
It was on 1 May, 1886, that hundreds of thousands of workers across the United States started to go on strike, followed by brutal police crackdowns on demonstrators. Three days later, demonstrators gathered at Haymarket Square in Chicago to discuss police brutality. To make matters worse, an unidentified person threw a bomb at security police, who as a result opened fire on the crowd, killing some protesters.
Since then, labour activists have commemorated the day, aiming to bring global awareness to workers’ rights and plights and eradicate imperialism and capitalism. In addition, May Day is a time for us to ensure that working conditions are no longer dismal and dangerous and that wages are not low.
Without workers, the world will never see improvement. In fact, workers are those who make the world go round. Indeed, all of us are workers in some way or other.

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