Modification of constitution discussed in President Office

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Union Minister U Soe Thane highlights modification of schedules in constitution 2008.

Discussion about the modification of Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 of the 2008 Constitution was made at the President Office here on Thursday, attended by union ministers, union chief of justice, deputy ministers and officials from state/region governments.
At the meeting Union Minister U Soe Thane delivered an opening speech, urging the modification of these two schedules should be aimed for the emergence of meaningful union spirit in which fair and balance is to be kept between central government and regional government.
He also warned that failure of this balance would frustrate long-lasting union spirit.
The union minister said that while the administrations of state/region and autonomous areas are building their capacities, the central governments need to consider possible relaxation to ensure success in democratization processes.
The modification of Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 in the constitution will include annulments and amendments.
The participants then presented deterrent effects caused by unrealistic laws and bylaws and the need in modification of Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 in 2008 Constitution.

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