MoHT Union Minister attends 3rd Hybrid Seminar on Enhancing Understanding of Service Providers for Japanese Travellers

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism organized the third Hybrid Seminar on Enhancing the Understanding of Service Providers for Japanese Travellers at Kalaw Hilltop Villa Hotel in Kalaw Township yesterday. The seminar is part of the implementation of the National Activity Project-2022 by the ministry supported by the ASEAN-Japan Centre.
Union Minister Dr Htay Aung delivered an opening speech online. In his speech, the Union Minister said the providers will offer better services in the future after understanding the customs, traditions, living styles and nature of Japanese travellers and the ministry will keep working for National Activity 2023 of the ASEAN-Japan Centre.
Then, senior executive officer Dr Yuka Kubota of the ASEAN-Japan Centre also made an opening speech and officials of the centre and Japanese tourism experts coordinated the discussion.
The Union minister attended the Myanmar-China Tourism Promotion meeting held in Yangon in the same evening.
At the meeting, the Union minister said the China tourism market is a potential and reliable market for Myanmar. At the discussion with the secretary-general of the Myanmar Promotion Centre based in Chongqing of the People’s Republic of China held in Nay Pyi Taw last December, the matters related to China-Myanmar Investment Forum, the China-Myanmar Cultural Tourism Expo and the Lancang-Mekong Tourism Partnership City Week Programme were discussed, and the ministry and tourism associations were invited to participate in China-Myanmar Cultural Tourism Expo and China-Myanmar Promotion Centre. The country can grab a chance to advertise tourist destinations to entire China areas in addition to Chongqing.
Then, the Yangon Region Economic Affairs minister, the first secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, and the president of the Myanmar Tourism Federation discussed matters related to the participation of cultural tourism expo.
Afterwards, the Union minister concluded the meeting. —MNA/KTZH

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