“Do or Die; Swim or Sink”.
– A Proverb
Motivation means    :  Making somebody want to do something, especially something that involves hard work and effort. e.g. She is very good at  motivating her students. The plan is designed to motivate employees to work more efficiently.
Motivation also means: Prompting, inspiring, urging, encouraging, enticing, causing, exciting, giving incentive to somebody to do something or to act in a particular way.
– Oxford Dictionary
The greatest good you can do for someone is not to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.
– Benjamin Disraeli
Motivation can be more widely understood in the following manner:
M    for     Making Others to be Interested, Excited or
O    for    Offering Incentives
T    for    Tactfully Selling Motives & Opportunities
I    for    Inspiring Ideas & Actions
V    for    Vision & Values
A    for    Audacity
T    for    Thinking Big
I    for    Integrity
O    for    Objectives
N    for    Networking with People
In making things happen and getting things done, it is imperative to get other people involved in the action. Usually, it is the concerted effort of the members of a team that generates maximum effectiveness and efficiency. It is the duty of the team leaders as well as the team members to motivate and inspire the entire team to strive for greatest effect and impact. Every collective achievement should be measured by its outreach, impact and sustainability. It is, in the final analysis, the spirit of the entire team as a whole that counts.
Incentive means something that encourages you to do something. There are generally two kinds of incentives, intrinsic and extrinsic. In other words, there are inside-out incentives and outside-in incentives. Interest, excitement, enthusiasm, etc. are the inside-out incentives that arise from the heart, and monetary, material rewards, recognition and fame and blame are the outside-in incentives that are the rewards for some outstanding achievements.
People need both kinds of incentives from within as well as without. But, the more dynamic and more sustainable incentives are inside-out ones such as a burning desire, an indomitable spirit, an unyielding effort and
insight wisdom.
“The test of a man is
the fight he makes, and
the grit that he daily shows”.
– Anonymous
A good manager or a leader usually has an impelling force that drives them to stand out from the crowd. Such a compelling, dynamic energy cannot but motivates other people “to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”, as Tennyson said. Such leaders of people do not have to contrive artificial ways and means of inspiring others. They themselves are the dynamo that lends motivation to others. If the situation warrants, such people-persons sell, without hard selling, motives to turn heaven and earth up side-down. They are also the rare breed of leaders, who, as Napoleon Bonaparte said, create opportunities instead of seeking them. Inspiring leaders are brilliant strategists who are strategically self-reliant, but who are tactically great motivators of people both by their sincere and authentic articulation and also by their dynamic, wholehearted actions.
Trainers must be (re) trained, and motivators must be (re) motivated. So also, heroes must be recharged, reinvigorated and revitalized. Real life inspirations for heroism are not lacking. The following are a few examples:
“Be resolute, fear no sacrifice,
and surmount all difficulties
to win victory”.
– Anonymous
“Conceive, believe and achieve!”
– Napoleon Hill
“To dare nobly, to will strongly,
never to falter in the path of duty”.
– Anonymous
“Be strong inside, permit no defeat, and fight
all you can.”
– Author unknown
“Fight straight from your shoulder!”
– Bhagavad Gita
“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your
– The Bible
“Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid,
neither be thou dismayed”.
– The Bible
“Never give up; never give in; stand up to it;
fight it through”.
– Author Forgotten
“Fear and be slain;
Believe and live”.
– Anonymous
Anyone who has a clear, vivid vision is sure to have a strong motivation to achieve that vision. A really good vision is usually enshrined with good values. Without core values, a vision would be just a shell! Values are the core, the essence of a good vision. So, in order to be quite motivated to carry out a vision into concrete reality, we have got to have in our heart strong, passionate beliefs and values. We must stand for something sublime, solid, sound and steadfast. In short, we have got to genuinely value character and competence; commitment and caring; courage and congruence in our workaday world; and in broad perspective, we have got to passionately hold high the values of PEOPLE, PLANET, PEACE AND PROSPERITY.
A timid soul cannot be motivated, and a wavering mind can never be inspired. A motivated mind should be a focused mind. A really motivated mind sees a vivid picture of the future and he or she strongly concentrates his or her whole mind and energy on it. One of the Eight Principles of War is the Principle if Concentration or Mass. A motivated mind is a courageous mind that is very single-pointed in its vision and strategy. A single-minded focus is indispensable for the achievement of a great purpose. And a person would surely need to be audacious to be successful with an enduring sustainability.
Small minds need small motivation and big minds need big motivation. Low aim is crime, it is said. I am not sure if we have a divine nature; but I am positive that we should have “simple living and high thinking”. We should try to have a Big-Sky-Mind. We should think big, aim high and go all-out. We should give all we have got; we should give every bit of ourselves, holding nothing back. When we say think big and aim high, we mean we should think big and aim high for the People; Planet and Peace – the Triple Bottom Line of the present day world.
Without integrity, motivation is to no avail. Every form of motivation and inspiration must be seamlessly integrated with honesty, unselfishness, sincerity and goodwill. Nobody could live alone like Robin Crusoe on an island. Everybody has to live and move and has his or her being with the people, through the people, for the people and among the people. Hence, the importance of being honest and unselfish. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, nothing remains but the name. Integrity alone could save the NAME.
Ships have ports to anchor, trains have stations to arrive at and buses have terminals to stop at. So also, a person must have a particular destination for his or her particular journey. An example of GOAL & OBJECTIVE is: you want to reduce weight. This is your goal. You aim to reduce your weight 5lbs. a month. That is your objective. Generally, goal, objective, aim or object or target are synonyms.
For motivation, we have got to mix with winners for positive examples and also meet with losers for negative examples. We have got to learn from both achievers and those who derailed.
Be awake, alert, and agile!
Be vigilant!

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