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Myanmar exports 500 tons of coffee this year

The export of Myanmar coffee has been increasing annually, with the volume of shipments touching 500 tons this year, which is much higher than in the previous years, according to U Ye Myint, the chairman of the Myanmar Coffee Association.

Workers dry coffee beans under the sun in Mandalay. Photo: Khine Satt Wai

Two years ago, Myanmar produced around 8,000 tons of coffee. The country exported 200 tons of coffee in 2017, 300 tons in 2018, and 500 tons this year.
“Coffee is a kind of high-value industrial crop. The Arabica coffee produced by the Ywangan region in Shan State is recognized as a specialty coffee globally. In addition, it is an organic product. Now, Arabica coffee is being demanded by foreign countries and it is being offered a fair price,” he added.
Myanmar coffee is mainly grown in PyinOoLwin Township and Mogok Township in Mandalay, Ywangan Township, Nawnghkio Township and Hopong Township in Shan State. Myanmar is exporting coffee to Russia, China, the US, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. To expand the coffee market, investors need support in the form of loans and assistance by the relevant departments.
“Coffee earns Myanmar foreign currency. We need to promote the development of the coffee sector, which has a high potential in the country to replace instant coffee mixes imported from abroad. We need more cooperation between coffee growers and the related departments to gain a strong market and to promote Myanmar coffee exports,” he added.
Myanmar has a total of 48,578 acres of coffee plantations in Mandalay Region, and Shan, Kachin, and Kayin states. There are 5,832 acres of coffee plantations in Mandalay Region.
Currently, Myanmar coffee has low access in the international market because of the lack of proper production technology. The country also lacks exchange of information compared to South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Viet Nam.—Khine Satt Wai (Translated by Hay Mar)

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