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Myanmar migrant workers from Laos tested for COVID-19

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Covid test is underway for Myanmar migrant workers from Laos on 13 December. PHOTO: Yar Say

Seventeen Myanmar migrant workers from Laos, who were admitted to the Wamlong Quarantine Centre, were diagnosed with COVID-19 on 13 December.
Nose and throat samples were taken and tested, officials said.
A total of 17 — eight males and nine females — were examined by health workers on 11 December with the RDT Test Kit to prevent and control the COVID-19 disease.
No case of the virus was found at the Wamlong Quarantine Centre. On the third day, the nose and palate will be re-examined and the COVID-free persons will be transported back to their respective areas by vehicles arranged by district and township administration bodies.
More than 4,000 workers have returned to Myanmar from Laos since late July this year due to the COVID-19 virus. —Yar Say (IPRD)/GNLM

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