Myanmar Nationals in Thailand: Passport loss requires CI application

Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok allows applications for certificates of identity for nationals who lost passports.

The Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok has announced that Myanmar nationals holding the passport for visit (PV) or other passport types, who arrive in Thailand for visitation purposes but lose their passports, are now permitted to apply for the certificate of identity (CI) to facilitate their return to Myanmar.
According to the embassy, applicants seeking the CI must submit the required documents to the Myanmar embassy or relevant consulates-general. The necessary documents include an application letter, personal information (to be completed in the passport application form), a police recommendation letter for the lost passport (translated into English), a copy of the citizenship scrutiny card (CSC), a copy of the household registration form, a copy of the two-way air ticket, a coloured photo in 1.5 inches by two inches, and a copy of the passport. Children born to two Myanmar-citizen parents abroad should apply at the Myanmar Embassy for the issuance of the CI if they wish to return to Myanmar.
Additionally, Myanmar expatriates in Thailand holding a job passport (PJ), who have lost their passports and applied for a new one, are also required to apply for the CI at the Myanmar Embassy or Consulate-General if they have an emergency and need to return to Myanmar during the new passport application process.
Applicants are allowed to depart for Myanmar only by flight. Upon arrival at Yangon or Mandalay airports, immigration officers will retain their CIs. As a result, they must follow the procedures outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to return to Thailand. The cost for a CI book is 400 baht. — TWA/TMT

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