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National people in Kayin State to take advantage of sound foundations to build peaceful, developed Kayin State together with government

Nay Pyi Taw, 7 Nov—The following is a translation of the message sent by President Agga Maha Thayay Sithu, Agga Maha Thiri Thudhamma U Thein Sein on the occasion of the 59th Anniversary Kayin State Day which falls on 7-11-2014.

Esteemed national people and national brethren in Kayin State
I am taking pride on sending my message to the celebration of the 59th Anniversary Kayin State Day which falls on 7th November 2014.
When states and divisions were formed after Myanmar regained her independence, the parliament had to consider designating the place where Kayin people lived as Kayin State and Thanlwin District was designated as Kayin State in accordance with the 1951 Constitution Amendment Act. Under 1952 Kayin State Expansion Act, Kya-in Seikkyi Township, Kawkareik Township, Hlinebwe Township, Hpa-an Township and Thandaung Township were added to Kayin State. Then, Myawady at the foot of the Dawna Hill was designated as a township and Kayin State was gradually formed with seven townships including Hpa-an Township, Papun Township, Hlinebwe Township, Thandaung Township, Kawkareik Township Kya-in Seikkyi Township and Myawady Township. The 7th November on which the president signed the 1951 Constitution Amendment Act to designate Thanlwin District as Kayin State was designated as Kayin State Day and it has been 59th anniversary since Kayin State Day was observed in 1956.
After regaining independence, we encountered armed conflicts as a result of political instability. Today is an opportune time to join hands for national brethren to live in harmony and to end conflicts after learning undesirable lessons.
National brethren in Kayin State have been going through the difficult and rough journey for years and Kayin State lagged behind others in development because of armed conflicts resulted from differences among national brethren. Today, rays of peace have been seen in Kayin State and development potentials have been achieved. Moreover, sound foundations for peace and development have been built. It is necessary for national people in Kayin State to take advantage of sound foundations to build peaceful and developed Kayin State together with the government and to build sustainable peace that can be enjoyed by the posterity.
Cooperation of all national races in equal term is of utmost importance for turning the Republic of the Union of Myanmar into a peaceful, modern and developed new democratic nation. The government is exerting efforts for all round development of Kayin State including transportation, education and human resources development, availability of electricity, socioeconomic development of the people in Kayin State and better healthcare services. I would like to urge national people in Kayin State to cooperate  in unity in the march towards the modern and developed nation after taking the advantage of sound foundations for unity and development
already achieved.

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