No more tolls to levy on Monghsat-Tachilek road

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Officials inspect the technical condition of Monghsat-Tachilek Road . 
Photo : Than Zaw (Monghsat)

‘Wa’ Special Region-2 has stopped the collection of toll on the Monghsat-Tachilek road, which connects Monghsat and Tachilek districts of Shan State (East), beginning 1 May.
“Previously, ‘Wa’ Special Region-2 collected toll near Monghkan village in the Monghtalan Village-tract. We are very glad that they are not collecting the toll any longer. Earlier, we had to pay 100 Thai baht for going to Tachilek and 100 baht on returning from Tachilek,” said a local from Waik ward, Monghsat Town.
The 60.4 miles long Monghsat-Tachilek road was upgraded from an earthen road into an all-weather road in 1998 by ‘Wa’ Special Region-2. A toll of 5 baht (over K200) was being charged for motorbikes, 100 baht (K4,000) for small cars, and 1,000 baht (K40,000) for trucks on the road.
“They have stopped collecting toll from 1 May. But, they are checking vehicles, and this is causing delay in transportation,” said a driver, who uses the Monghsat-Tachilek road daily.
“‘Wa’ Special Region-2 stopped collecting the toll after reaching an agreement with the government.
Under the agreement, no toll will be collected on the road as the government has upgraded the current road.
Depending on the budget, the government will continue to upgrade the road for providing better transportation,” said U Myo Zarni Oo, the road division head of Monghsat district.—Than Zaw (Monghsat)
(Translated by Hay Mar)

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