Number of Golden Deer increased twice at Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary

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A herd of deer seen at the Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary.  Photo: Myanmar Digital News

A census that was conducted in March last year found that the population of the Rucervus Eldii (Golden Deer) at the Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary has increased twice within a decade, according to the administration office of the sanctuary.
“The golden deer is a rare species of deer found in Myanmar, mostly in the Shwesettaw and Chatthin wildlife sanctuaries. We tally the number of golden deer in the final week of March annually. According to the latest figures collected in March last year, there are 1456 animals, give or take 224 animals. In 2008, more than 800 deer were found in the sanctuary,” said U Ohn Lwin, administrator of the Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary.
Forester Win Naing explained about the process of collecting the data of deer in the sanctuary, which was conducted in 10 days with 22 people.
“We conducted the census at about 6 am in the morning. We worked along a straight line on an east to west axis in the sanctuary; we broke up into four teams, each team traveling two hours a day. We recorded how many deer we saw and at what degree of the line we set. We classified males, females and fawns on our list. If we could not verify the gender, we noted them as an unidentified deer,” he said.
While we were conducting the census, we discovered snares. The staff removed them. There were three cases that relevant authorities took necessary action against animal poachers. Since educational programs were conducted at villages near the sanctuary, deer hunting has decreased now, according to the census team.


Myanmar Digital News

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