Number of YBS commuters increases four-fold in May


The number of YBS commuters has increased fourfold in May compared to that of last month. On 25 May, more than 500,000 commuters used YBS buses, according to the announcement of the Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA).
The daily figure of YBS commuters was about 200,000 in April. However the number has increased to over 500,000 on 25 May, using more than 3,000 buses in 124 YBS bus lines.  Before the pandemic period in Myanmar, the YBS operated more than 4,000 buses in Yangon region daily, commuting 2.5 million passengers. This rising number of YBS passengers is less than the number in a normal situation.
During the coronavirus disease prevention and control period, the increasing number of YBS passengers is one of the serious issues, according to the person in charge of YBS bus lines. “With the increased number of passengers, more YBS buses have to be operating. In fact, the large number of commuters is disrupting the pandemic prevention and control activities,” he added. Although more YBS buses are operating in this situation, the owners of YBS buses could not make any profit from delivering service because of fewer passengers compared to previous periods. Therefore, YRTA and the bus line owners have requested the government to reduce the price of CNG as a measure of government subsidy. —Aye Maung (Translated by Hay Mar)

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