Over 22,000 truck drivers, helpers get COVID tested in 3 months

More than 22,000 truck drivers and helpers had COVID-19 detected with the use of rapid Antigen Testkit in three months from 4 October 2020 to 6 January 2021 to prevent delay of trade flow, according to the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).
Yangon region government is conducting COVID-19 test on the drivers and their assistants to control the spreading of the COVID-19 through trade flow and ensure the smooth flow of goods. The truck drivers and their helpers will be issued with the COVID-19 free health certificates, which will enable them to enter various states and regions.
On 2 October 2020, the officials from UMFCCI and its Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry negotiated through videoconferencing to detect truck drivers and conductors using the test kits. The federation also discussed having sufficient test kits to detect the truck drives and followers.
To ensure smooth transportation of the goods to another region, Myanmar has imported the test kits from South Korea to test COVID-19. The test kits can provide results within 30 minutes, according to UMFCCI.
Those who want to take a test must send their personal information to UMFCCI, and its federation will make announcements as to the number of people to take the test. — Aye Maung (Translated by Hay Mar)

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