Pay heed to people’s desire for peace

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Unity can ensure peace. Conflicts will result in instability, anxiety, and suffering.
Since the time we gained independence, we struggled for solutions to the political problems on our table, which eventually resulted in armed conflicts. We could not build unity.
Dogmatism kept us away from the path of unity. To work in the interests of the country and the people, we must strive for unity and we must be magnanimous.
Since independence, we have lost much energy due to armed conflicts. Because there was no peace, there was no stability, and we lagged behind in many areas of development.
Even today, Myanmar is struggling to escape from the trap of poverty and conflict, and huge effort will be needed if we are to catch up with the rest of the world. Our people have been waiting for almost 70 years for a ray of hope — for a better future.
Over successive generations, our people have seen their socio-economic situation and morale undermined, while our country’s future has been gradually corroded.
Due to decades of conflicts, our country is among the least developed in the world.
The universe, which is changing every second, and today’s world will not wait for our country. Now is the time to ask ourselves if we are going to leave behind a country with armed conflicts for our future generations, or are we going to build a unified and strong nation that is worthy of respect.
People have protested against armed conflicts and yearned and longed for peace for many years. However, their hopes have not yet been fulfilled. People have fallen victim to armed conflicts.
When a family is facing problems at home, it must be wary of those who try to worsen the situation and take advantage of their crisis. Disputes or conflicts do not benefit our people. We should think about who actually stands to benefit from armed conflicts.
Whenever we talk about the rights of citizens, democratic rights, equality and justice, we need to take armed conflicts into consideration as they are all related.
As long as we rely on arms for maintaining order, peace will elude us.
Rather than focusing on the problems that can exacerbate our differences, we must try to identify issues which can help to strengthen unity in diversity.
Now is the time to end armed conflicts in our country.

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