People’s Participation in Changing for Success!

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By Khin Maung Oo

Today, every individual aspires to see Myanmar develop as a nation, with great changes in every corner. Especially, people are really longing for it in the present second five-year tenure. It should be remembered that the incumbent civilian government took office in 2015. As regards the sustainable development of a country, its government with the full authoritative power to manage social, educational, financial, economic and all other affairs has to implement it effectively and efficiently for the sake of the country and its people.
In implementing the development of a country, the government alone cannot make its country gain long-lasting progress and reach the state of keeping abreast with other countries without the people’s whole-hearted participation. How and why shall we participate? First of all, we must get rid of the idea that we can think about the country’s affairs only when we are individually prosperous. While working for our survival and personal benefits, a thought  must be kept in our minds that we are responsible for contributing our labor, intellect and skills in building up our nation into a developed country. So our younger generations can eternally enjoy the fruits of our efforts. We can vividly see the national development of every developed country coincide with the rise in per capita income and living standard.
In developed countries, people can be found to devote themselves in their works, apart from their rest hours. Many workaholics can be seen in their societies. Most of the people leave for their jobs at the crack of dawn. They usefully spend their rest hours and holidays, having a good time respectively. Not all these countries had emerged all of a sudden.
In our country we also elected our government, out of our great desire to change and develop. Yet, even though we have had our hoped-for government, in fact, we did not move together with the government. At a time when the government is exerting its effort to achieve all-round development, our people are still wasting their time and rest hours rubbing their phones, sitting at cafes, restaurants and KTVs with some spending most of their time on 2-or-3-digiit-chai-gambling. Now is the time we should change our mindsets. The government is hoping for our participation in our country’s democracy transition by adopting the slogan, “Together with the people.” Had we actually aspired to change and development our nation, let us join hands with our government!

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