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Place emphasis on healthcare for the people


The whole world has been suffering from COVID-19 for more than two years. The pandemic brings terrible loss to the social-economic life of the people as well as some 20,000 casualties out of over 50,000 infected people during the period.
In line with the policy “do it practically and promptly, and nothing is more important than the human life” adopted by the Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister, all relevant personnel strived for taking preventive, control and treatment measures of COVID-19 at full capacity day and night. Consequently, the whole country could overcome the third wave of the pandemic. However, Myanmar people are still taking care of the danger posed by COVID-19 variant Omicron.
During the highest tempo period, dutiful medical doctors and health staff did not abandon hospitals and patients to provide healthcare services. Hence, the State presented K10.94 billion as a reward to them. In providing healthcare services to the people, military medical corps members, retired health personnel and retired military medical corps members contributed much to the work process.
During the one year, the government has held 13-time meetings of the Central Committee on prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 to allot K300 billion for the purchase of medicines in order to fulfil the needs of medicines at public hospitals as quickly as possible. Moreover, the committee allowed spending of billions of kyats on health provision facilities such as food supply for patients from quarantine and treatment centres and clinics, and supply of oxygen for confirmed patients.
At that time, 765 hospitals and 7,430 clinics of 1,077 hospitals and 11,427 clinics provided healthcare services to people across the nation. Currently, these hospitals and clinics are open for the resumption of their services for the people.
During the period, Myanmar received just two million of 30 million units of COVID-19 vaccines from India due to various reasons. In its tenure, the State Administration Council purchased some US$300 million worth of vaccines and accepted more than 17 million doses of vaccines worth more than US$100 million from China, India, Russia and the Nippon Foundation.
Healthcare is a must for the people regardless of race, gender, age, the rich and the poor. Medical personnel should never abandon the patients in line with the Hippocratic Oath. Time gradually goes with the wind. The time and history will show the correct records related to the Hippocratic Oath.

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