Plans are underway to narrow development gap between regions, states

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Union Minister U Tin Htut Oo and party are inspecting the Aungban Regional Research Centre–RRC on 24 April.

Union Minister U Tin Htut Oo urged all responsible persons under his Ministry to make concerted efforts to further develop agricultural and livestock-based production with modern methods and to achieve the comprehensive economic development of other economic sectors at the coordination meeting on agricultural development held on 24 April in Shan State.
The Union Minister pointed out the need to make an effort for the country’s export promotion and food security in all states and regions. It is necessary to develop the agriculture and fisheries sector that is a basic need, and increase rural people’s incomes. He continued that although farming conditions may vary depending on local climate, he wants them to play an active role in narrowing the development gap between regions and states.
He added that it is necessary to coordinate with the private sector and the required technical assistance for the productivity of each acre of land per capita and capital inputs and to ensure the use of equipment of irrigation water by the officials. At the meeting, officials also presented their sectors. The Union Minister and the Shan State Administration Council members coordinated the meeting.
Afterwards, the Union Minister and party arrived at the Shan State Cooperative Union Co–op hospital to provide public healthcare near the Aye Thiri Market in Aye Thayar Town. Officials explained the history of the Cooperative Union and current activities.
The Union Minister further said that the people need to be widely aware of the good intentions and results of the cooperative and the role of cooperatives in trade and services is crucial. He commended the cooperative’s policy with the unions to prevent the difficulties in goods flow caused by COVID-19.
Afterwards, the Union Minister and party inspected the ongoing research activities and the further ones at the Aungban Regional Research Centre-RRC in the Department of Agricultural Research. They have been cooperating with the private sector at the research camp to produce potato seeds and high-quality banana with the successful modern tissue method. In Shan State, researchers have carried out agricultural research to support agricultural development in various fields such as paddy, corn, wheat, soybeans, sunflower, and tissue laboratory work. These activities have been carried out by a Regional Research Centre-RCC, five research camps and 15 farmer-based research camps. — MNA

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