Police search huts, detain two suspects

Evidences are found from the three huts where a group of men from the neighbouring country was staying. Photo: State Counsellor Office’s Information Committee

Local authorities identified four huts where a group of suspects were staying and detained two suspects found near the huts in Tinmay village, Maungdaw Township on Tuesday.
The two suspects are being interrogated for further information, according to local police.
Acting on a tip-off, border guard police carried out an area clearance operation near the village and found a man named Adularmein from Kyaung Taung village and the other named Mummad Zubei from Tinn May village near a big hut and three small huts in a gorge.
In the interrogation, Adularmein confessed that Shong Shuee Arloung from Tinn May village came out of the gorge and prevented them from moving ahead because men from the neighbouring country were gathering. Shong Shuee Arloung was believed to be plotting a plan in cooperation with the men from the neighbouring country.
Border guard police also inspected the huts and seized some evidence. The police investigation is ongoing.—Myanmar News Agency

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