President U Win Myint meets administrative, legislative, judiciary sector officials in Kayin State

President U Win Myint greets representatives from administrative, legislative, judiciary sector officials in Hpa-An Kayin State yesterday. Photo: MNA
President U Win Myint greets representatives from administrative, legislative, judiciary sector officials in Hpa-An Kayin State yesterday. Photo: MNA

President U Win Myint accompanied by Union Minister for Home Affairs Lt-Gen Kyaw Swe, Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Dr. Aung Thu, Union Minister for Transport and Communications U Thant Sin Maung, Union Minister for Electricity and Energy U Win Khaing, Union Minister for Construction U Han Zaw, Chief of Myanmar Police Force Police Lt-Gen Aung Win Oo and officials met and gave guidance to officials from Kayin State government; (Pyithu, Amyotha, State) Hluttaw representatives; State High Court; and state, districts, townships departmental officials at the Zwegabin Hall, Hpa-An, Kayin State yesterday.
Speaking at the meeting the President said the main reason for meeting Kayin State government, Hluttaw representatives, judicial and departmental officials was to increase the momentum of the transition to democracy. All those with responsibilities have pledged to establish a democratic federal union in this country. The reason we are establishing a democratic country is for every citizen and everyone to be free, safe, happy and equal. In addition to this, our martyred leader, father of the Tatmadaw and independence architect Bogyoke Aung San had provided us guidance to practice democracy once independence has been gained.
A democratic system strengthens the federal union and a federal union also strengthens the democratic processes. In doing this, it would be successful only when all cooperate and participate. The three pillars and departmental organizations should not worry in conducting a transition. There will be difficulties in some places when transitioning from an old era and system to a new one. When such difficulties are encountered, should be seen as an opportunity to show our abilities. Some may worry, become weary, deny and resist transition. But for development of a country transition is not something to be worried, denied or resisted.
Success will be achieved only when we do things the way it is done by going down the path that is in line with the time and era. We could not avoid change and transition if we want our country to develop. Those in attendance today need to reform and straighten the mindsets and morals of those who are working under them. All need to be managed and administered so that all participate in the reform and transition process. In administration, we would like to change and establish political, economic and social fairness. At the same time arrangements must be made so that there is equal opportunity, equality and equality in the face of the law. The administration much be one that supports rule of law. It must be an administration and machinery that provide safe, secure and peaceful life to the people. It should serve the people and do what the people asked them to do instead of being a machine that oppresses the people.
As per the norm of democracy we accept the fact that the people are like our parents, father and mother. It should be noted that history had shown many examples of democracy failing because the governments of the states and regions are bad in management and wrong in administration. Without changing the laws to be in accord with democratic norms, a government can change the administration as much as they want but the administrative machinery will not be a democratic machinery but a bureaucratic machinery. Laws that are in accord with our country, our region and our situation are required to be enacted.
Our aim in the judiciary sector is to have an un-biased judiciary. Efforts must be made towards having justice. Everything must be in accordance with the law. All are equal in the face of the law. Law officers also need to stand on the side of the people according to the law so that courts can judge and decide correctly.
When I was sworn in as President, I delivered a speech. The essence of the speech was the requirement to change the rigid mindset and habits of the people, government servants and public servants to have a successful and smooth changing process during the democratic transition period. Departmental organizations slow in reforming were to be given tighter management. The Judicial sector needed to be true and correct. More needed to be done to eradicate corruption. Human rights violations were to be prevented. Drugs were to be eliminated. Wastage and loss of public funds were to be managed. Farmlands confiscated unlawfully needed to be returned or compensation paid according to the law. The state government is to implement and follow the Union Government’s policies and instructions. It must not implement in any other way. It is the duty and responsibility of the state government to implement the policies of the Union Government. Departments and organizations in the state are to be effectively managed. Departments and organizations are to be checked and monitored so that they are doing what they are assigned to do. Only when this is done can there be an increase in the momentum of the administrative machinery reform.
A department was formed in the President Office to fight against drugs more forcefully. Drugs are a huge menace to the future generation of the country. Severe action will be taken against public servants regardless of their position if they are connected in any way with drug production and trade. All need to part take in drug eradication work. Anti-corruption works were being conducted effectively. Corruption is becoming established as a practice and habit in our country. If it could not be handled, the country would not develop. Works are organized and conducted down to some states and regions level and depending upon availability of funds, it will be expanded and continued to remaining states and regions. Arrangements are made to form ministry wise Corruption Prevention Units (CPUs). The country will develop and investments will come only when corruption is eradicated. All need to participate in this. We understand the livelihood problems faced by the public servants. But do not do things for your temporary relief and instead work towards the benefit of the people and the country.

President U Win Myint delivers the speech at the meeting with administrative, legislative and judiciary sector officials in Hpa-An, Kayin State. Photo: MNA
President U Win Myint delivers the speech at the meeting with administrative, legislative and judiciary sector officials in Hpa-An, Kayin State. Photo: MNA

Wastage and loss of public funds were to be managed. Projects are to be correctly calculated and presented. Works are to be conducted following tender rules, regulations and transparently. Unfinished projects are to be correctly reported. Project surpluses are to be returned. The State Advocate and the State Auditor need to advise properly to relevant authorities.
The momentum to protect human rights needed to be increased. Human rights is a birth right. Myanmar was one of the earliest signatories of the human rights declaration. As the future generation will assess whether we have done our duties properly let us perform our historical duties well, said the President.
Next, Kayin State Chief Minister Daw Nang Khin Htwe Myint, Kayin State Hluttaw Speaker U Saw Chit Khin and State Chief Justice U Saw San Lin explained about state government’s regional development works, legislative works and judiciary works respectively. Afterwards President U Win Myint explained about the strengths and weaknesses of the administrative, legislative and judicial sectors, conducting trials correctly and speedily, providing to the people the rights accorded by the laws, requirement to correctly handle evidences in cases, requirement of legislating Hluttaw representatives to conduct according to the laws and rules, the Union Government’s policy being balanced development of states and regions and the country’s development being directly linked to the correct and speedy decision and conduct of the state government.
The state government is to follow exactly the policies set by the Union Government in returning confiscated farm lands. State government must not interpret the policies set by the Union Government in the way they wanted. Released lands are to be returned to the original owners quickly and officially. It was very important for judgment in farmland matters to be true and correct. Departmental organizations providing reports to the state need to ensure that the data and information are correct. The Union Government was striving towards becoming a clean government with good administration. For this to happen, we need to assess in advance whether public servants would take responsibility and accept accountability. We need to work with transparency and cooperation.
After the meeting the President cordially greeted the meeting attendees and then inspected along the Strand Street of Hpa-An town. – MNA

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