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President unveils Kangyidaung power station in Pathein

President U Thein Sein unveils the 230-KV Kangyidaung Power Station in Pathein.
President U Thein Sein unveils the 230-KV Kangyidaung Power Station in Pathein.

PRESIDENT U Thein Sein attended the opening of the 230-KV Kangyidaung power station in Pathein, Ayeyawady Region yesterday.
The Union Minister for Electric Power, U Khin Maung Soe told crowd that by maximizing productivity, with the aid of electricity, it would help develop the areas’ socioeconomic status. The delta region consumed 14 megawatts of electricity generated from the Myanaung gas-fueled power station between the years 1975 and 1984, the union minister said. He added that consumption has now reached over 90 megawatts.
To meet the region’s rising power demand, the government spent 12.853 million euros (K18 billion) plus K5.350 million on constructing the Kangyidaunt power station.
More power stations are under construction to ensure that the region can benefit from electrification. Currently, Myanmar generates 5,235 megawatts, an increase from 3,413 megawatts in 2015. According to the MoEP 3.5 million households, 34 per cent of the population, now have around the clock access to electricity.
The MoPE is making efforts to electrify the entirety of Myanmar by 2030-31, in line with the National Electrification Plan, drawn up with the assistance of the World Bank.
The new power station will provide electricity to 40,700 houses in 192 villages.
President U Thein Sein and his entourage also inspected measures taken against the erosion of the river banks in Pathein via helicopters. Flooding and erosion destroy hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland and crops in the area. Local authorities are now engaged in constructing retaining walls to save potential areas from inundation and loss of crops.

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