Press release on killing civilians by violent attackers issued

Teacher U Than Tun receives treatment for injuries at Maungtaw Hospital.
Photo: State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee

The Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office issued a press release yesterday on the abduction and murder of dozens of civilians by violent attackers in recent months.
According to the press release, Maung Maung Soe, also known as Shanamya, of U Shekya Village, was found dead at the house of Kaflatula in the same village with 12 wounds on his hips, throat, neck, shoulders and left arm at 1 am on 5 October.
In another incident, Mammud Tarli of the same village was found dead with 19 wounds on various parts of his body about 500 yards east of the same village on 5th October.
In yet another act of violence, a body was found on 14th October with 19 wounds on the back and hip.
On 4th October, U Than Tun, Khaing Thaw and another villager were shot while they were feeding cows in Kanthaya Village in Maungtaw, injuring U Than Tun.
In an another incident on 25 October, Maung Aye Win and four other people who were feeding cattle in a pasture were attacked by six people armed with swords and spears, but the attackers had to flee as security forces arrived at the scene.
On 7th November, 15 people including Gorzimauk arrived at the house of Nummaud on 7th November and beat people at the house and abducted two sons of Nummaud before setting fire to the house and fleeing the scene. When security forces arrived, one of the sons of Nummaud, Mammaud, 18, was found dead with 13 wounds on various parts of his body.
On 13th November, U Shwe Maung and his wife Daw Shwe May, while travelling to Maramagyi Village, were attacked by Harmate Tusaung of Forke (South) Village and eight other accomplices, injuring U Shwe Maung.
In an another incident on 17th November, Jarma, also known as Zaw Mar from Gawduthera (West) Village, was invited by Harbi Eula of the Gawduthera (South) Village but failed to return home and was found dead with fatal wounds to his throat.
On 13th December, about 17 people who were assumed to be violent attackers abducted Harbi Roman.
On 16 December, a man named Kalavolta of Thawunchaung Village and his family were threatened by Mawli Zupai with death as they had informed authorities to the arrest of Harbi Roman.
Du Marmud, the village librarian of Ngakhura (Middle) Village, who answered questions of journalists on 21 December, was killed on 23 December with many wounds on his body.
On 25 December, Shawphi, clerk of the village administration office, was found dead with wounds on various parts of his body.
On 26th December, Zia Su Hut, former 100-household head in Watkyein Village (North) was found dead without any visible injuries after reports of his disappearance. On Monday, the head of 100 households U Hla Tun of Mingyi Village went missing. On the same day, Sweduarmi, 30, who was fishing at Ngasarkyu Creek, never returned home, prompting his family to search for him. They found out his body with injuries to his throat.— Myanmar News Agency

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