Prevention Can Get Rid of Worries!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Naturally, humans easily tend to get worried whenever a serious public concern occurs. But, only if careful study of its cause and depth of people’s worries is done will it be reasonable so that they will be well convinced as to what should be done and what should not be done.
    These days, an increasing great concern among the people is the H1N1 flu case. With an outbreak of the disease, exaggerated and fabricated stories were added to the news of several fatalities officially released by health authorities concerned, igniting and increasing people’s fear. Generally, people are infected with seasonal flus. Meanwhile, to their great fear, they heard the news of H1N1 flu.
    A rumor of H1N1 appeared during the night of 23rd July. On 24th July the health department officially informed the news. As regards the seasonal flus which break out in Myanmar, they can be categorized into three—Type A (H3N2) flu, A (H1N1)flu and A (H1N1)Pdm-2009. It has been learnt that the present flu belongs to A (H1N1) Pdm-2009. It broke out in Myanmar in 2001, claiming 9 lives out of 176 patients.
    The disease also known as swine flu is the one we in Myanmar can be infected in the rainy season and in the period of early winter just after the monsoon season. Due to the information on indoor-patients and fatalities which appeared on social website pages, there occurred an increasing concern among the people. But, we should not be excessively worried thanks to the transparent and timely news releases.
    Now, check and examination health teams are carefully watching people coming in at ports, airports and border gates not only for the present disease but also for other infectious ones. As soon as a person knows that he has the flu, he needs to be tested to find out whether it is normal flu or swine flu. If he has swine flu, then he should get medical treatment under strict medical supervision. In fact, it can be protected and preventive measures should be done beforehand, by following the procedures described below:
    Using a mask, covering our mouths and noses with a mask or tissue when we cough, washing our hands with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer thoroughly and frequently, avoiding touching our eyes, mouths and noses, staying at home if we are sick, avoiding going to crowded places and rushing to a clinic or medical health center if we are infected with the disease.
    Accordingly, every individual should take preventive measures in advance so as not to be infected with the disease as well as unnecessary ones. Prevention is better than cure and simultaneously prevention can get rid of worries.
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