Security Forces clear and restore PyinOoLwin-Nawnghkio-Kyaukme-Lashio Union Highway for smooth public transport

In addition to committing various terror acts, including the destruction of department buildings, roads, and bridges by mine blasts in Shan State (North), TNLA and PDF terrorists have been destroying public transport roads used for regional logistics. The roads, which are not military targets, are disrupted by digging deep cross ditches and blocking them with piles of earth cuttings.
The destructive activities of TNLA and PDF terrorists include cutting and blocking roads by slashing trees and creating cross pits along the PyinOoLwin-Nawnghkio-Kyaukme-Lashio Union Highway. These activities occurred at one location each near Shwenyaungpin, Nawnghkio township, Lelkyinkway village, Ohmmakha village, Goktwin Viewpoint, and Naungpit junction, as well as seven locations between Naungpit and Naungpain villages. Due to these perpetrations, travellers and vehicles were unable to use roads, causing significant disruptions and losses for the emergency health matters of locals.
After making necessary security arrangements, security forces step by step cleared the blockades made by terrorists, starting from 6 November, and attempted to restore convenient transport for the public. On the night of 19 November, a total of 12 blocked locations were reopened. Thanks to removing barriers, the road up to Kyaukme has now been restored to regular traffic, and the security forces will continue trying to clear the remaining blockades along the Union Highway for normal operation. The security forces, in cooperation with residents, are making progress in conducting a counter-terrorism campaign against terrorists who destroyed public transport roads that are not military targets. — MNA/ZN

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