Shaping our own destiny

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  • Myanmar regained her independence and sovereignty on the 4th of January, 1948. This year will mark the 71st anniversary of our independence.
    Our people lived in grandeur fora millennia before the country was colonized late in the 19th century, when colonialism had the world under its grip.
    The people of Myanmar fought hard against colonial rule and took great risks to regain independence. Independence Day serves as a reminder of our struggle and highlights the need for preserving our independence.
    No discussion on freedom can be complete without exploring the role of Bogyoke Aung San, the architect of Myanmar’s independence. His observations on Myanmar’s future have proved to be farsighted.
    Bogyoke Aung San believed one must work hard for independence and that freedom cannot be achieved by relying on others. One is a master of one’s own destiny.
    To end British rule, Myanmar sought help from and fell under the control of fascists. The people fought hard against the fascists and the colonialists before taking the political route to push for their demand for independence from the British.
    Thus, in the fight for freedom, the people of Myanmar ended up shaping their own destiny under the leadership of Bogyoke Aung San.
    Just before the country was granted independence, he told the people that they would have to make strenuous efforts for 20 years for rehabilitation and they would have to work hard to catch up with other countries in a 10-20 year span.
    After independence, Myanmar managed to rub shoulders with other countries as it shaped her own destiny. But, later, due to lack of unity and a downturn in the economy, a sense of inferiority began to manifest in the country.
    Today, Myanmar is shaping her destiny once again to build a federal democratic nation which guarantees equal rights to all people. The country is working to transition into a democracy, where all citizens enjoy freedom, equality, and justice.
    To achieve success in this endeavor, the people of Myanmar must work together for socio-economic development. They must also ensure people of all nationalities feel secure in the country and that everyone’s basic needs are met. The destiny of our country indeed depends on our people.
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