Show respect each other by following COVID-19 guidelines


With gradually reopening of businesses, including restaurants and markets with the health guidelines in the midst of the COVID-19, police officers and health workers are making safety checks on roads in towns in efforts to enforce the COVID-19 health guidelines.
We have no choice but to smartly reopen the businesses. The economic carnage from two months of closures are hurting the people.
The reopening of business does not mean that the pandemic is going away. Instead, it is exposing our failures to protect the coronavirus spread.
The employers and employees are obliged to tell groups of customers or those clustered too closely together that they needed to follow the rules of social distancing even though they wear masks. If we fail to abide by the rules, it is impossible to know how many people would be infected with the virus.
Meanwhile, it is regrettable to see that many people find themselves forced to return to work by their financial needs, even if they would be safer at home.
Hence, today is the critical time for all of us to tackle the challenges posed by COVID-19 by working together.
Businesses must ensure workers safe. All citizens are obliged to wear masks for others and should have true comprehension of what social distancing meant. Be appreciative of those serving you and respect the burdens they face.
As this virus knows no boundaries, people should be well prepared to live with coronavirus, even if some people don’t follow the recommended guidelines.
At the same time, those owners of the businesses including restaurants who don’t take steps to control their customers nor follow the guidelines would face actions.
Before actions, warnings should go to places which are “totally out of hand” with a lack of social distancing.
To ensure the people live with new ways of participating in certain activities amidst COVID-19 , region and state governments are advised to beef up enforcement activities.
Now, we all are ready to enjoy a new normal life. On behalf of those most at risk, we would like to ask the people to please respect our fellow citizens.

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