Specialists need to provide healthcare services in a proper manner to those who can’t afford to pay for healthcare at private hospitals: MoH Union Minister

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About 70 per cent of the population in the country live in rural areas, and most of them depend on low-cost healthcare services in public hospitals. Most people cannot afford to go to private hospitals for treatment. Therefore, relevant specialists must provide healthcare to people in a proper manner by upholding the commitment and ethics of medical professionals, said Union Minister for Health Dr Thet Khaing Win. He said the above at the meeting with reactors of Medical Universities, heads of region Public Health and Medical Services Departments, medical superintendents, pro-rectors, deans of departments, professors, specialists and medical officials held at the University of Medicine (Mandalay) yesterday.
The Union minister also talked about the appointments of faculty members at medical and medical-related universities, teaching methods of faculty members by discussing with relevant ministries for the same subjects, practical sections and field studies of students at hospitals, security and preparations and awareness programmes on the opening date of universities of medicine, academic measures for students and their parents. —MNA

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