State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi sends a message to the Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards Presentation Ceremony for 2016

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In her message, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi pointed out the universally accepted influence of the arts including literature, movies, music and theatrical plays on every human society. She said especially, classic movies live long in the hearts of viewers who love them. In the 21st century, movies are not just for entertainment but have become “the soft power” of states. If we analyze the basic reasons for this change we may see the characteristics of culture, creativity, innovations, and improvement of standards.
The movies and the players, the dialogues and words, and the performances in the movies reflect the characteristics and virtues of a particular human society. The standards of civilization, history and human values related by the movies go down in the annals of human history. Because of the great influence of movies on society, especially on youths, immense responsibility falls on the people of the movie world. In many cases, movie characters become role models for youths. An act or a performance by a movie character may become deeply embedded in the hearts of youths.
The government is trying its best to make changes for the interest of the people. The support of artistes is of great importance in making these historic changes. Creation and innovation of the artistes play an important role in making changes. Artistes have the ability to change the spirit and behavior of the human society as a “soft power”.
“I want to express heartfelt thanks to the artistes for their sacrifice and active participation in the election campaign which enabled us to march towards the path of democracy. I firmly believe that the artistes can give great support to the people in their march towards building a democratic federal union, the peace process and economic development which are being implemented by the government. Development of the Myanmar film industry represents Myanmar’s culture and the standard of Myanmar film industry reflects the dignity of the people. All of us need to work very hard for
our country, our ethnic nationalities and our youths. We need to try to bring unity in situations
where differences have increased and expanded. The government is in the process of holding the 21st Century Panglong Conference for the people who had to leave their homes due to clashes in conflict areas.”
“We must work to bring back our countrymen working in overseas countries to give them jobs with dignity,” she said.
She said “In the country, the entire mass of people are responsible to take their respective roles in promoting national unity, the spirit of good citizenship and a culture worthy a democratic federal union.” She added “every country in the world is making efforts for improving the mindset of the peoples and for conserving the degrading environment.”
In her concluding remarks, the State Counsellor has specially requested artistes from the movie industry and literature, performing arts and literary worlds to support peace, unity and development desired by the country and the peoples and to work for getting rid of discrimination and hatred among people.
She also wished the Myanmar’s movie industry success in the future, and hoped that the artistes would be able to uplift Myanmar society.

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