State Counsellor stresses need to fight COVID-19 in unity on her FB Account

AungsansuuState Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi stresses the need to fight COVID-19, the common enemy, with unity on her Facebook Account yesterday as follows:
During the last 24 hours, another (21) infected persons have been discovered.
Because we have estimated in advance that the infection rate of the virus would increase this week and in the coming week, we have alerted the people accordingly. This is because I want all of you to be mentally prepared. As far as health care is concerned, the Union Government has made preparations to the best of its ability.
As the number of infected persons increase, anxieties have also increased. I’m sure you must have heard that there have even been cases where some people have tried to escape from quarantine. If you have been infected, you cannot escape by running away. The best is to find out as early as possible and take treatment as early as possible. COVID-19 can be cured. The earlier you know, the sooner you can get treatment.
You will have more chances of successful treatment. That is why trying to escape is very dangerous for the individual concerned. It is also very dangerous for others.
As anxieties increase, so does anger. Don’t use the energy we need to fight COVID-19 to fight amongst each other. Beginning from the fact that a group of people got infected in Insein, the Yangon Region government had to take follow-up actions; it is very regrettable that our people had differences of opinions. Please try to get rid of your anger. As the chairperson of the Central Committee to Prevent, Control and Treatment of COVID-19, I take responsibility to deal with this matter in a fair and just manner.
All the people should focus their energy to fight the common enemy COVID-19 in unity to achieve success. At this time, the most important thing is to effectively implement the quarantine protocols. Our government departments and civil service personnel have our hands full. The efforts being put in by the youths with metta (loving-kindness) and goodwill constitute a tremendous support. I am very grateful to these good sons and daughters of our country.
I wish all of you to be cooled and refreshed by Metta in this year’s Thingyan devoid of water-play.

(Translated by Kyaw Myaing)

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