Survey on Ayeyarwady dolphins to be conducted in February


A survey to determine the population of Ayeyarwady dolphins will be conducted in Ayeyarwady River in February, according to the Regional Fisheries Department.
The Ayeyarwady dolphin population is believed to have increased this year, compared to previous years, said an official from the Ayeyarwady Dolphin Conservation from the Fisheries Department. “We found many new dolphins, as well as offsprings this year. The survey will be conducted from Mandalay to Bhamo Town,” he added.
The Fisheries Department found two newly born dolphins during the dolphin survey trip, which was conducted in the second week of December.
According to February 2019 statistics, 72 Ayeyawady dolphins were recorded between Mandalay and Bhamo town along the river. Also, three dolphins were found dead last year.
One dolphin was found dead near Ywardanshay Village, Madaya Township, on 7 January, 2020. An educational campaign about fishing and conservation of Ayeyarwady dolphins will be provided, together with the survey by the Fisheries Department, in cooperation with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The team, comprising members of the WCS, will disseminate information about conserving the natural environment and protecting the population of Irrawaddy dolphins.
The Ayeyawady dolphins give birth only once every three years.—Aye Cho (Translated by Hay Mar)

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