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Terrorists blow up, set fire to stalls from 10 markets in 10 townships

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Sound bomb blast at Thaton Myoma market on 4 May 2021.

CRPH and NUG terrorists targeting to committing the utter devastation formed PDF terrorists, murdering the people peacefully residing in some areas for various reasons, setting fire and robbing State-owned buildings, public hospitals, schools, housings, villages and markets.
Stalls in 10 markets in ten townships blown up and set fire by terrorist groups without reasons from 1 February to 20 November 2021 were as follows: —

Markets in regions and states torched and blown up by terrorists from 1-2-2021 to 20-11-2021


The people are urged to work together to prevent terrorist acts such as mine planting and setting fire by the terrorists for ensuring development, peace and stability of the State, and if they receive information about the terrorist activities, they should covertly contact the nearest security forces and cooperate with them until the terrorists can no longer stand. — MNA

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