The importance of literature for children

The Ministry of Information recently organised the Children’s Literature Festival in Nay Pyi Taw. Last year, a similar festival was organised in Yangon, with the assistance of foreign donors. It was a very successful festival, with many attending. It is an encouraging sign that the new government has hosted literature festivals with both of them being successful.
Children’s literature plays a very important role in nurturing moral, hardworking and innocent adults for the country. This has been proven in Myanmar, where a man who was immersed in children literature in his childhood became president. In fact, his father is one of the greatest poets and storytellers for children in Myanmar. All citizens know the pen name “Min Thu Wun” even before they complete primary education in Myanmar.
Children’s literature is often the only education for children who cannot go to school. There are still those children who have to engage in child labour in Myanmar. They are often neglected, abused and exploited. Therefore, it is important that children’s literature should not be out of reach of such children. They have to work even in the middle of the night, when almost all other people in the country are soundly asleep or dreaming of their future.
Therefore, it is important that those children who have to work in unfavourable environments where they are neglected, abused or exploited have access to children’s literature. All citizens would be proud of the success of anyone who achieves success in life even though they lose the right to go to school.

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