To promote education standards, raise quality of teachers

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  • Today is World Teachers’ Day – a UNESCO initiative that celebrates teachers around the world. Every year, the United Nations marks October 5 as World Teachers day.
    Held annually since 1994, World Teachers’ Day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO recommendations concerning the Status of Teachers to raise awareness and address the issues pertinent to teachers.
    Myanmar celebrates World Teachers Day every year to remember the teachers for their contribution to society.
    Today is the day to appreciate teachers and the extraordinary job they do to teach, support and inspire our children.
    Teachers lie at the heart of quality education on which the future of the country lies.
    Raising the capacity of the teachers is a big challenge. To raise our education standard, we need to raise the quality of our teachers. It means we need to struggle a lot.
    We have noticed that education development is most important for our country. We must encourage enthusiasm in our students and the confidence they have.
    Most youths who are in the higher education level now are victims of a weak education system. They need to change the old habits they have acquired. They need to be taught on how to obtain education that is appropriate to the times.
    This is a big challenge our teachers are facing. If we can overcome this challenge, we can be satisfied for our country’s future. We don’t need to wait until the youngsters attending primary schools come of age. All have the responsibility of overcoming this big challenge to our higher education system in creating educated youths that would support our country’s development.
    This responsibility lies with the teachers who are government employees, the teachers, the students and even the private sector. The main responsibility is on the parents. Only when parents instill in their children proper mindsets and good values, can the teachers have good support.
    All need to work together in this for success to be achieved, and we believe it can be achieved. Because of this belief, we can say we will succeed.
    Today, we want to acknowledge and thank all our teachers. We would like to urge our teachers to continue to learning and developing themselves and not to give up on the future of our country.
    We thank you, teachers, because you can make positive difference for our students, our children, the next generation of our country.
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