Tourists cruise Khayingwa Island

21 2 2019 MOHT Tour New Cruise 2 copy
Cruise docked offshore near ship docking in Khayingwa Island. Photo: Supplied

There are unique natural scenes, eco-tourism locations and archaeological sites in Myanmar, and there is now a culture-based tourism industry by which tourists can observe the traditions and cultures of ethnic people. Due to these attractive sites and scenes, larger numbers of tourists are visiting Myanmar.
A tour group comprised of 2,443 tourists and 1,920 crew members visited Khayingwa Island by MV Genting Dream Cruise on 19 February in the morning. They visited the island with the arrangement of Tint Tint Myanmar Group of Companies and under the supervision of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.
The tourists visited Khayingwa Island through the Phuket Jetty in Thailand. The MV Genting Dream Cruise then proceeded to Phuket jetty, Thailand on 19 February in the evening, it is leant.


—GNLM (Translated by Hay Mar)

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