Traditional pot enterprise creates job opportunities for local women

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Workers sorting out pottery after the burning process.  Photo: Myanmar Digital News

Making traditional earthern pots was practiced by ancestors in Pazun Myaung village in Nyaunglebin Township. So this traditional craft has been preserved and now it can offer local women job opportunities.
Best sellers can be made from clay or they are shaped with a narrow-neck and the bottom is jug-shaped. Other best sellers include big pots, cooking pots and water pots. Among these, clay water pots are the most popular. The price for a pot ranges from 1000 Ks to 1500 Ks and the cost of a pot which is equipped with tap is about 4500 Ks according to Daw Chaw Chaw, one of the pot makers in Pazun Myaung Village.
“Pots are made of clay and there are four colors of clay; black, brown, sepia and yellow. The yellow color pot is the most attractive to make. First, the clay is soaked for one or two nights. Then, the soaked clay is mixed with sand that is not too rough or smooth and this mixture has to be covered with cloth. It also needs to be stamped with the pot maker’s feet so the mixture is sticky the next day. Afterwards, based on the size of the pot, a round ball is made and this clay ball is put on the potter’s wheel and it can be shaped any way the potter wants. Then before the pots are not dry, a wooden stick is used to draw designs around the sides of the pots and the pots designed on their sides are baked in a kiln” she added. The local pots are distributed to Nyaunglebin, Shewgyin, Kyaukdaga, Pyu, Toungoo, Mon State and Yangon Region.


Myanmar Digital News

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