Unity in diversity is our strength for building a democratic federal Union

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  • There are over 130 ethnic tribes in Myanmar, and each tribe has its own traditional culture and customs. Every ethnic tribe celebrates its own traditional festival, praying for good weather, a good harvest, protection from disease, and peace in the country.
    The festivals reflect the peace-loving spirit of our ethnic people.
    Our country has witnessed armed conflicts for nearly 70 years.
    If we look back at our country’s history, soon after the 20th Century Panglong Agreement and our Independence, we succumbed to the fires of internal conflict.
    For nearly seven decades, peace, stability, and development fell victim to conflict. Over successive generations, our people have seen their socio-economic situation and morale undermined, while our country’s future has been gradually corroded.
    Till today, Myanmar has not been able to escape from the trap of poverty and conflict, and great effort will be needed if we are to catch up with the rest of the world. Our people have been waiting for almost seventy years hoping for a better future envisioned by the Panglong Conference.
    The ethnic armed groups in the different regions have an obligation to contribute to peace and stability, and the development of the economy.
    Now is the time to show that we are in the same boat and moving towards the same goal, and to prove that we are committed to sticking together in the good times and the bad.
    Unity is our main strength, and we must show our unity in diversity to the world.
    The Union Government has supported the traditional festivals of the ethnic minorities across the country, paving the way for all our ethnic brethren to meet each other and strengthen the friendship among them. All ethnic people must not hesitate to make use of such opportunities.
    All the ethnic minorities residing in the country have a duty to preserve their dialect, literature, culture, art, and customs, while the State Constitution also guarantees equal rights to them in terms of conservation of dialects, art, literature, culture, customs, beliefs, and education, medical care, job opportunities, and businesses.
    Every change requires a certain extent of time to produce fruit. Hence, we must all join our hands firmly, without casting doubts on each other, and with decisive commitment and unityas we walk on thepath to a democratic federal Union.
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