Unswerving Friendship

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  • A friend in need is a friend indeed, as the saying goes. Being uncoloured friendship, their minds and goodwill will never change—now this and now that. In other words, their friendship will belong to the unswerving kind.
    We, the people living in the country, will not be flawless all the time throughout our lives. Sometimes or maybe very often, we can find our weakness in many places or occasions. It is not that easy to fulfill the requirements of every individual. A government alone will find it difficult to supply the needs of all its subjects to the full, hence the need to get help, assistance and subsidies from its well-wishing eternal friends with unadulterated pure minds.
    Longevity and health is among the necessities of our Myanmar citizens. Much as the government is fulfilling this requirement to the best of its ability, it cannot cover the whole country for the time being. Thus, our government is implementing a strategic plan for negotiating with the organizations from home and abroad to get sustainable financial assistance for the development of the national health system.
    It is auspicious and blessed for local and international partner organizations to join in and cooperate with us regarding the provision of aid in the public health care sector. They should be regarded to be eternal companions, being helpers with unchanging minds. It is heartening to see the President U Htin Kyaw attend the Universal Health Coverage Forum held in Tokyo, Japan.
    UHC (Universal Health Coverage) has designated spheres of implementation of its tasks of special health care services, strategic health financing for national health and upgrading performances in the health system for giving advanced health care. Myanmar has laid down firm foundations for health care system which will help the public effectively in accord with the principles of UHC.
    Myanmar has already committed herself for the success of the objectives of UHC in 2030, with a view to the progress of public health. Its main objective is for every citizen living in the country to get advanced health care without any financial difficulty, regardless of race, religion or social status. To do so, support of eternal friends of the UHC membership is emerging as a healthy human society.
    We must acknowledge the Japanese Government, Japan International Cooperation Agency [JICA], World Health Organization, United Nations Organizations and member countries of UHC 2030 as our eternal friends, friendship of which will never be destroyed.
    Accordingly, we must welcome the strategic plans which will work towards the improvement of public health, without any segregation of race, religion or social status, and simultaneously we will thank our friendly nations which will help us overcome our weaknesses forever.
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