Using raw materials from agriculture and livestock farms will benefit relevant regions: Senior General

Shan State must strive for boosting the per-acre yield of crops to improve the economy, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with MSME businesspersons at the city hall in Taunggyi yesterday afternoon. Individual reports on MSME processes
Chief Minister of Shan State U Aung Zaw Aye reported on efforts for the development of MSME in Shan State, local and foreign investments, implementation of projects in industrial zones, conducting manufacturing courses, manufacture of value-added products, implementation of one village, one product project, and disbursement of loans for MSME industries.
Local MSME businesspersons reported on the selling of traditional foodstuffs as value-added products, expansion of plots for the cultivation of avocado, the need for capital for extending agricultural tasks, the need for the G-to-G process for exporting avocado to foreign markets, assistance of government for doing research on livestock breeding tasks, requirements for manufacturing roads and power supply, assistance for the development of potato cultivation in Naungtaya region, development of rice mills, and production of bio-fertilizers in Inlay region. The Senior General responded to the reports.
Discussions of Union ministers in relevant sectors
Union ministers and deputy ministers discussed plans of relevant ministries to distribute quality strains of potatoes for local farmers, systematically apply for loans under the law and regulations, formation of cooperative societies and provide necessary agricultural machinery and capital, techniques and machinery for building gasifier generators, and issuance of FDA certificates to foodstuffs. The Shan State Chief Minister pledged to provide assistance to local businesspersons in connection with relevant ministries.
Instructions for food security
In his speech, the Senior General said that an emphasis must be placed on food security as foreign foodstuffs flow into the country in addition to domestic foodstuffs. Food must be qualified for FDA disciplines and permission. Businesspersons need to accept the inspection of their foodstuffs systematically before distributing them into the market.
Encouraging local manufacturing industries based on local products
The Senior General explained that Myanmar had to borrow foreign loans continuously. Now, the country needs to pay back the loans. In its tenure, the government pays back loans as much as possible. The government encourages agricultural and livestock-based manufacturing industries. Manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock farms is a firm and assured business. Using raw materials from agriculture and livestock farms will benefit the relevant regions.
Livestock breeding
Myanmar imports milk and dairy products yearly, and if dairy cow farming is successfully operated at home, the import volume of dairy products and foreign exchange can be reduced. If Shan State successfully operates dairy cow farming tasks, it will be a state which will produce the largest volume of dairy products.

The Senior General expressed thanks for the Ayethaya industrial zone of Shan State (South) which distributed eggs to the whole country so as to contribute to the food supply of the people. Meat production can lead to the manufacturing of industrial products. Systematic livestock breeding tasks can benefit the region. Currently, the country can reduce a certain amount of trade deficit. So, efforts must be made for earning foreign exchange from the manufacturing industries.
The Senior General pointed out that Shan State must strive for boosting the per-acre yield of crops to improve the economy. Agricultural farms should use bio-fertilizers which come out from the local livestock farms to benefit the region on one hand. The Senior General instructed officials to expand the cultivation of tea and coffee and use paddy strains of good eating quality.
Contribution to the power supply on the one hand
Generating electricity in relevant regions will contribute to the power requirement of manufacturing industries. Encouraging MSME industries aim to enhance the State economy, substitute imported goods and export domestic products to foreign countries. The Senior General stressed the need to strive for supplying inputs to the agriculture and livestock farms.
Cooperative system
Exercising the cooperative system can help develop businesses, and all need to exercise the combined cooperative system. The government disburses development loans as capital for businesses through developing and commercial loans. Businesspersons need to borrow loans just enough for their requirements under the disciplines.
Encouraging education for turning out qualified human resources
The government is responsible for the development of a region, and the socioeconomic life development of individuals is concerned with those persons only. Only when it encourages education will the human resources of the country improve. It is necessary to arrange systematic measures for private learning institutions.
Development of the tourism industry
Hot-air balloon festival in Taunggyi attracts people at home and abroad. Likewise, the Inlay region is enchanting to local and foreign travellers. Hence, it is necessary to arrange better production of domestic foods to attract travellers and beautify the region. The government has set a plan to implement Kalaw and Aungban regions as healthcare regions. The Senior General viewed round the domestic products, foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, traditional products, clothes and others put on display and asked about market sharing of these products. — MNA/TTA

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14 July 2024