Violent people keep doing terrorist activities

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A municipal building attached to ward administration committee office seen under fire after an arson attack by violent people.

The violent thugs armed with homemade bombs and petrol bottles attacked the police stations in some townships on 4 April.
At about 11:40 pm on 3 April, a male suspect (still investigating) riding a motorcycle threw a homemade bomb into the Bureau of Special Investigation office, causing damages to a vehicle of security forces.
Similarly, at about 3:40 am on 4 April, a building of township administrative office and township municipal department of Kyun Taw North Ward in Sangyaung caught fire and the security forces, and firefighters extinguished. According to the inspection, the violent people made an arson attack on the township administrative office. It reported No (8) tube well building caught fire and damaged.
Moreover, a bomb supposed to be US-made M 67 was found in the Kawkareik police station compound in the morning. The regional military command engineer systematically conducted it to explode. But it did not explode, and so the officials saved the bomb at a safe place.
On the same day, two men (still investigating) riding a motorcycle threw a bomb into the MyTel operator’s headquarter located beside Bago-Thanatpin road in Leikpyar Kyan Ward of Bago. It caused damages to the security building.
Moreover, these two suspects threw another two bombs to the closed betel nut shop and bunker of security forces near Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda. Meanwhile, the bombs threw to betel nut shop exploded, and another to security forces did not explode. It reported no injuries.
Investigations are underway to take action against these suspects under the law. — MNA

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