What’s on your mind?

  • Tin Maung Than

The driver is so careful in maintaining his pace below the 100-kilometer-per-hour mark as he knows well that exceeding the speed limit on this highway can cost his driving license. Giant roadside digital speedometers all along the thoroughfare are showing how fast a car is moving, and any speed violation will meet with punishment.
The journey begins at five in the morning during which Yangon sky is ruled by grey rain-carrying clouds. Adversely, the sky in the far north where Nay Pyi Taw lies is bright suggesting a fine weather for us at the destination. Luckily, no rain comes. But the scene of the dark grey sky touching the clear horizon is so breathtaking that it compels me to take some pictures of the view and the travelling party. At this moment, a thought comes into my mind to share this wonderful panorama with friends on the Facebook. “On our way to
Nay Pyi Taw” reads the caption of my photos.
As usual, my post receives responses such as likes and comments. One of the comments comes from my niece who is living in Maryland, the US with her husband. It’s normal, every person living abroad hungers for a reunion with friends and relatives back home. So the pictures of her uncles, aunties and cousins travelling as a group remind her of the days she happily spent together with us in Myanmar. I suppose my photographs make her happy. Likewise, they would be exciting for friends and other relatives who love travelling. Hopefully, my post is a joy for everyone who finds it on the Facebook.
Normally, I love posting or sharing views that may be acceptable, comments that may be encouraging, suggestions that may be useful, information that may be valuable and stories and pictures that may be enjoyable. Care is always on my mind that my post never harms or hurts anyone.
Every time I found a Facebook friend suffering from distress, pain, dejection or depression on economic, personal or occupational grounds, or from bereavement, my message or comment for him or her will be the words of solace, succor and encouragement with the hope of bringing some relief from anguish.
As for me Facebook is an instrument which provides me with the joy of getting in touch with friends and relatives some of whom are long-lost ones, reading real time news and information or the valuable knowledge on various subjects from the web blogs I am following, visiting funny websites that make me happy and browsing the internet for finding something new or exciting. Accordingly I have found the Facebook helpful in many aspects. It also creates a win-win situation for every user.
But there are some people misusing the Facebook just for personal gains, winning popularity or realizing their sinister aims without taking into account the evil consequences their posts could bring.
Some with the ulterior motives are fond of writing hate speech or sending hate messages on their posts, and some even establish web blogs or websites specialized in creating and distributing such contents with the intention of breeding communal, religious or racial violence.
The popular-crazed and self-seekers sometimes use false or exaggerate news and information as a tool in pursuing their personal goal. Even though most of them may be harmless, such false or exaggerated news can at least tarnish the reputation of a person, especially a celebrity. But in certain cases, they are far more harmful than that as they can even trigger chaos and confusion.
Normally, when we have something on our mind which we like to share with others or which we think is worth sharing, we create a post on our Facebook page. It can be a piece of information or about an event we wish to tell friends and other users or that may be interesting widely.
We are free to create and send posts on Facebook, but something that is on our mind must be harm-free too in all aspects and if possible must be beneficial. We all have the duty to serve and protect our own community. Harming our community is like burning it down which will be resulted in a no-win situation.
So, what’s on your mind?

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