YCDC expands downtown drainage to avert floods

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Roads in Lanmadaw Township were flooded due to the high tide of the Yangon River last year.

The officials are working on extending the drainage system near San Pya Cinema along Anawrahta Road in Lanmadaw Township where the floods happen during the monsoon season, Ko Thant Sin who lives near the operation area told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
The township Department of Engineering (Water and Sanitation) is conducting the extension of the drainage system between Phonegyi and Mawtin streets during this rainy season under the budget of YCDC. They also construct the new culverts
During the second week of September, they carried out the new drainage system between the 11th and 10th streets. There are two strange things in these operations, said Ko Pu Lay who works near the operation sites.
The new drains are expanded two times. Before 2020, the officials extended the drainage system and renewed the manhole covers and pavements for the first time.
In doing so, it is not easy to expand the drains to a certain extent due to the brick bonding structure of the pre-war era and it can be seen only the upper section of the drain and the inner parts remain unchanged. Therefore, the drain looks like a ladder, said the people who saw the works.
For the second time, in 2022, the officials expanded the drain below Anawrahta road into about 6 inches and the unfinished work on the formally expanded place into over one ft can be seen at the top of the 11th street, Ko Win Tun, who passes the road daily, told the GNLM.
The new site is located near the Kyonegyi Myaung (drain). After the heavy rain, the Kyonegyi Myaung is flooded and also the 11/12 streets near San Pya Cinema from Anawrahta road to 11/12 streets (middle) and back alley. The people have to walk between Anawrahta and Maha Bandoola road with 1 ft of water level, said the residents.
The officials are expanding the drains in most of the streets and along three main streets of Lanmadaw Township. They install new drains and culverts for better water flow.
However, the officials pumped the water into the river after the heavy rain and if there is a high tide near Ywathit Chaung, Wadan, Mawtin, Phone Gyi Street and Lanmadaw river bank which are the water outlets of Yangon River. The officials stick the public notices regarding the time and water level of the river which is high twice a day.
This year, the exceptionally high tide of the Yangon River is lower until the full moon day of Tawthalin and the roads are not flooded so far, said Ko Maung Hla who works in Yangon from Dala. – TWA/GNLM

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