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YRTC to fine YBS buses for overtaking each other

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According to the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee-YRTC, YBS buses running in the city will be fined for overtaking each other.
At the YBS drivers safety meeting No 19 held by YRTC on 20 January, YRTC joint-secretary U Lyan Cint Mang said that the action will be taken against offenders as from 1 February.
He also said that the buses must be neat and tidy in giving good services to the passengers in order to implement the public transport system with safety and good service.
He also noted that bus fares must not be risen and bus conductors must not be assigned.
If YBS buses overtake each other, offenders will face action taken as a fine of K 10,000 for each time.
In addition, YBS drivers must drive on the right side and if traffic congestions happen, they must take positions on the second lane.
It will be monitored by technology telematics devices and inspection teams for overtaking and blocking of buses on the lanes.—TWA/KZW

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