14-day quarantine, stay home in April called key to defeat COVID-19 in Myanmar

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April might be considered the month which will decide the fate of the Coronavirus in Myanmar.
According to experiences in other countries, which are witnessing the global pandemic with high numbers of patients, it has been found that one month after the first case of confirmed patients with Coronavirus, the number of patients rises dramatically higher.
In Myanmar, with over 1100 patients, 21 patients have been confirmed to have contracted the disease, and many have been placed under the 14-day quarantine at hospitals and facilities.
We should be aware that we can control the situation in April, and Myanmar will be successful in fighting the Coronavirus.
Although the proportion of Covid-19 patients who die has averaged between 2 and 3 percent globally, they were located in countries where the health system is better equipped.
The more you have travelled, the greater risk you have to be infected with the disease. Hence, authorities are taking steps to carry out effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus through travel restrictions.
The control and emergency response to Covid-19 is not the kind of task that can be postponed. It is important to effectively operate the emergency response machinery in real time.
At present, hospitals across the country have been prepared to provide treatment to patients infected with the disease, and some hospitals are expanding their wards in anticipation of more patients.
But, without the participation of the people, the preparations would not be as effective as they might be.
Hence, those who returned from foreign countries and had close contacts with infected people should take pride in protecting their families and the country’s people by following the 14-day facility quarantine.
Even after they have finished the 14-day quarantine, they are obliged to follow the guidelines and directives issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports. Health authorities must ensure that the public understands that they are being quarantined at facilities for 14 days to prevent the disease from harming their lives, as well as their families.
Following the 14-day quarantine, and staying home as much as possible in April, is the only and best option to control and prevent the spread of the disease.

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