2nd Four-pillar Workshop holds in Nay Pyi Taw

The second four-pillar workshop attended by personnel from the legislative, executive, judiciary and media sectors was conducted at the meeting hall of the Ministry of Information in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
The following are excerpts of interviews of attendees of the workshop.

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Dr. Tin Tun, Member of the Myanmar Press Council

There are a lot of things to say at the workshop. As for our media world, we can be able to make any comments freely regarding the obstacles facing our country for the time being now. Media freedom, of course, can enhance the development of the country. If we don’t have any rights to point out or make a comment on the wrong-doings of the governance, the fourth pillar would be no more than a show-off or display. Actually the fourth pillar ought to be for the benefits and interests of the public. The public has equal rights to enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of media as well. For me, I have attended similar workshops. In my opinion, there aren’t many differences between the workshops. To be exact, we can witness the progress of the situation during the interim.


U Thiha Saw, Vice President of Myanmar Press Council

The main thing is that the relationship between the media personnel and other three pillars — Executive, Judiciary and Legislative — should be improved. We managed to reach 16 agreements including right of access to information and full cooperation between government officials and media personnel in the first workshop at that time. We are going to discuss which agreements have actually worked. It is certain that all the agreements cannot be made at one sitting. Therefore, we shall strive to proceed step by step according to the procedures. It is of vital importance to get a free, independent and powerful media which can acknowledge the other three pillars.


Dr. Than Win, Secretary of Pyithu Hluttaw Health and Sports Development Committee

It is of paramount importance to launch a workshop which can allow media personnel and representatives of the other three pillars at this workshop to meet. In the process of drawing up the laws, officials concerned of the relevant ministry and organisations have to talk and negotiate again and again in order to be accomplished. There are many points which can be applied during the first forum which had reached 16 agreements. For our committee, we are going to negotiate with other pillars so as to gain freedom of media and rights. Only when the fourth pillar is strong will the other three pillars be powerful enough to proceed. –Myanmar News Agency

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