30th Myanmar Ophthalmological Conference held

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30th Myanmar Ophthalmological Conference held in Yangon yesterday. Photo: Lu Lu

Spreading modern treatments to eye diseases, promoting friendship between ophthalmologists, and exchanging practical and theoretical knowledge with international ophthalmologists were some of the motives in holding the 30th Myanmar Ophthalmological Conference in Novotel Hotel, Yangon yesterday.
The opening speeches were separately delivered by the Rector of University of Medicine 1 Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, who is also the Director-General of the Department of Medical Research for Lower Myanmar, the Chairperson of the Myanmar Medical Association Prof. Dr. Rai Mra, and the Chairperson of the Myanmar Ophthalmological Society Prof. Dr. Khin Ommar Khine.
Next, Prof. Dr. U Nay Win, the Chairperson of the Myanmar Medical Professional Association, spoke under the topic “Quality Care and Patient Safety”.
This was followed by the usual processes of the annual ophthalmological conference and a paper reading session on 28 topics including cataracts, eye diseases in children, cornea-related diseases, and laser surgeries were conducted in the afternoon. Held in the conjunction with the conference were over 40 exhibition booths displaying apparatuses and items related to ophthalmology for sale.
Asked about the conference, Prof. Dr. Khin Ommar Khine said vision is the most important for everyone and loss of vision renders a person unable to feel the benefits of progress. She said exchanging modern, effective treatment methods between doctors will lead to better treatment for people.
Prof. Dr. Nay Win also spoke about the conference, saying that quality care and patient safety exists in the world and in Myanmar. Everyone is responsible, he said, explaining that just as a doctor is responsible for treating patients safely and effectively, patients need to be understanding of doctors, too. He added that patients should cooperate with doctors to look after their own health.
Dr. Nilar Thein, the Joint-Professor of East Yangon General Hospital, also attended the conference and said the paper reading sessions described how doctors can safely deliver effective treatment to patients, as well as preventive measures. She said the conference is beneficial as the knowledge gained here will be applied when the doctors return home and spread and apply it in their community.
Dr. Yi Lin, an ophthalmologist from Mandalay Region, said the conference was a delight as it provided exchange of treatment methods and information and the chance to catch up with fellow doctors.


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