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50th Aungbalay tickets worth over K4,700 mln sold

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A K500-million award number is pictured at the 50th Aungbalay Lottery yesterday.

The tickets of the 50th Aungbalay Lottery worth over K4,700 million were sold out, according to the Aungbalay Lottery Directorate of the Internal Revenue Department.
A total of 478,205 tickets beginning with the alphabets “A” to “G” were sold for the 50th Aungbalay Award held on 1 May.
In the opening of the 50th Aungbalay Lottery, the winning number for K500 million was E 771792 and that for K100 million was E 898782 and the winning numbers for K50 million were A 213569, F 422163, G 517545 and A 861994.
Moreover, five prizes of K1 million, 60 prizes of K300,000, 100 prizes of K200,000 and 1,000 prizes of K100,000 were presented as additional awards, using the revenue of unclaimed prizes worth K143.750 million, according to the Aungbalay Lottery Directorate.—TWA/MKKS

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