61st Kay Hto Boe festival to be held in Kayah State

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Kayah ethnic people hold a festival called the Kay Htoe Boe, celebrating the sacred pole in Dimawhso. 
Photo: Riral (Dimawhso)

The 61st Kay Htoe Boe, or sacred totem, festival will be held from 5 to 9 April at the Dawkhalinelin village in Dimawhso Township of Kayah State.
Kay Htoe Boe is a Kayah term. The word ‘kay’ means a state, ‘htoe’ means accomplished, and ‘boe’ means sacred pole. At the festival, a tree will be cut down for the Kay Htoe Boe totem pole and will be brought and planted at the venue, and worshippers will dance around it, according to the festival implementation committee. The festival will also have an ethnic dance competition, a costume contest, and other entertainment programs, said the committee.
The Kay Htoe Boe festival is the Kayah ethnic people’s traditional festival and is held in April every year. It has been organized 60 times so far. The main objective of the festival is offering prayers for good weather, plentiful crops, peace, and protection from natural disasters and epidemics.—Riral (Dimawhso) (Translated by La Wonn)

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