A little patch of heaven in Tee Mit Plains

  • By Myint Naing Soe (Htee Hlaing Myay)
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The Thee Mit Plains and Thee Mit Creek amid mountains.

Chin State’s travel industry
Chin State is located in the western and south westernmost part of Myanmar. Located at an altitude of 40,000 to 70,000 feet above sea level, Chin State is dotted with steep and secretive mountain ranges, the beautiful rhododendron and cherry trees and breathtaking natural sceneries.
In addition, the simple and honest people living there and their unique customs and traditional festivals draw in more and more domestic and foreign travelers from far and wide every year.
Of the numerous places to visit in Chin State, there is one accessible all year round that offers a serene picturesque environment; the Tee Mit Plains where the Tee Mit Creek flows through.
Tee Mit Plains
The plains are located about 7 miles to the south of Haka and 15 miles to the northwest of Thantlang. It is accessible by the Haka-Thantlang Road that passes through it and one can witness the Tee Mit Creek winding through the plains.
Agricultural practices
Local residents use water that flows down Tee Mit Creek to irrigate their monsoon crops. They also make steppe plantations and grow grapes and strawberries. There are 140 plantation acres in Tee Mit Plains and it provides enough rice for the whole area.
The months of June, July and August are the best time to see the beautiful interplay between the downflowing Tee Mit Creek and the steppe plantations.
Thingyan in the plains
Tee Mit Creek is usually filled with people bathing or playing with the water in the summer. During the Thingyan period in April, residents and civil servants from Haka and Thantlang townships visit Tee Mit Plains in groups.
They celebrate Thingyan there with musical festivals, collective cooking, and commemorative photography, all the while bringing life into the normally quiet plains.
Local Chin youths usually take their prewedding photos in Tee Mit Plains and visitors are equally compelled by its natural beauty to snap some pictures regardless of the season they are visiting in. Surely it is a place to visit at least once in your lifetime.
(Translated by Pen Dali)

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